RFP’s – What’s the Outcome?

May 18, 2015

When going through the RFP process to find quality service contractors for your commercial property, it’s important to consider what you’re truly looking for before you settle on any given contractor. If you take the time to vet a number of candidates, it’s essential to realize the outcomes of your decision.

At DCS Global, we strive to provide the highest quality RFP and analysis structure. As our client, you will receive a thorough technical analysis and breakdown of the financial aspects, including an in-depth risk assessment.

We believe that these three analyses greatly assist our clients with decision-making processes. While we are here to help you formulate your initial RFP, we can also assist with turning the RFP into a long-term contract and ensuring that the vendor successfully implements all of the elements of that contract.

We are committed to help our clients receive the best possible outcomes from the RFP process. If you’re exploring the process on your own, here are a fewtips that may help to maximize the outcomes of your company’s RFPs:

Be Patient

When you first release your RFP, it pays to be patient and wait for responses to filter in. If you’re looking for the best service you can get, it’s essential that you give potential service contractors adequate time to analyze your unique and complex needs, and provide thoughtful suggestions for how to best address those needs. 

Strive for Authenticity

When formulating your RFP, it’s important to strive for authentic dialog. Rather than trying to sell possible contractors on your job, you’ll be much better off providing factual information about your desires and requirements. These will typically illicit earnest responses only from companies willing to take the time to truly understand your needs. 

Stimulate Vendor Creativity

As you’re probably well aware, there’s often more than one right way to do a job, and optimizing cleaning systems for your commercial property is no exception. When discussing your needs with a potential service contractor, it’s important to enlist their expertise and creativity to see how it might lend itself to quality solutions for your issues. 

Facilitate a ‘Win-Win’ Partnership

When negotiating with potential commercial service contractors, it’s easy to get hung up on the price of services. While you certainly must consider your company’s bottom line, you must also factor in other ‘costs,’ such as time, quality of work, and the opportunity cost of hiring one contractor versus another. By balancing the need to reduce initial out-of-pocket expenses with the desire to generate the best overall return, you’ll find yourself much more successful when it comes to facilitating ‘win-win’ partnerships with your commercial service contractors.

At DCS Global, we complete a quality assurance audit shortly after contract implementation. This helps us ensure that everything your new service contractor has promised is being delivered. If you wish, we can also perform a payroll audit to confirm that staff wages are correct and that wage increases have been passed on accurately. If your contract has escalation of wages on an annual basis then we recommend an annual payroll audit be completed a month after the increase date.

Furthermore, we specialize in ATP testing as a means of confirming whether or not your contractors have successfully implemented the desired Cleaning for Health© Program. If you’re looking for an expert third-party cleaning consultant, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-225-9603 or 877-225-9603 today!