RFP’s – The Advantage of Third-Party Cleaning Consultants

March 4, 2015

When it comes to ensuring that your commercial property keeps up with quality cleaning standards, we know it can be difficult to enforce an efficient, effective cleaning system that can be executed flawlessly by your building’s cleaning service contractors.

At DCS Global, we offer third-party cleaning consulting services designed to help you improve the efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts of your building’s current cleaning systems. Here are a few ways in which you can benefit from hiring a third-party cleaning consultant:

Saves Time and Money

While many companies elect to go through the process of vetting service contractors on their own, doing so often requires more time and resources than they have. By hiring a third-party consultant to evaluate your site-specific needs, you’ll get top-notch contractor recommendations for a fraction of the cost you would pay to handle the process on your own. 

Increases Staffing Flexibility

If you’re currently handling the responsibilities of vetting commercial service contractors internally, you’re most likely dedicating valuable staff hours to this process. Finding quality commercial building service contractors can be a frustrating and time-consuming practice.

By hiring a third-party cleaning consultant to handle the RFP process for you, you’ll be able to reassign staff that previously devoted their time and effort to this search. If you’re managing a commercial property, having more flexibility with your staff will ultimately help you keep your property in excellent shape and your Customers happy!

When outsourcing the RFP process to a third-party cleaning consultant, you might also find that doing so frees up staff that were previously considered unavailable. Hiring a third-party consultant may help you streamline vital systems throughout your entire organization. 

Reduces your Risk

At DCS Global, we are committed to reducing your company’s risk by managing the entire RFP process for you. By analyzing the responses your RFP receives and grading them against a set of standard questions, we also reduce the likelihood of hiring a service contractor that doesn’t live up to its’ billing.

Our dedication to reducing your risk throughout the RFP process means we will make sure all relevant site-specific details, corporate initiatives, government policies, and environmental practices are accurately incorporated into your documentation.

We also reduce your company’s risk by remaining up-to-date on current labour rates in your market. By tracking your RFP’s responses and noting whether the wage rates are at, below, or above market value, we can help you hire a contractor that will give you the most value for your dollar.

Furthermore, DCS Global works to reduce your risk by completing a thorough technical analysis of each individual RFP response and facilitating the next steps of the process, which typically includes providing the client with targeted and revealing interview questions and arranging short list interviews for select candidates.

If you’re interested in hiring a third-party cleaning consultant to assist with the management of an RFP, please don’t hesitate and contact the experienced cleaning consultants at DCS Global at 403-225-9603 or 877-225-9603 today!