Procurement Services

June 1, 2016

DCS Material and Equipment Procurement Services

It is often advantageous for organizations involved in commercial building management services to “go to market” for materials and/or equipment that is needed on an ongoing basis. This often includes:

* restroom consumables

* light bulbs and fixtures

* cleaning materials

* cleaning equipment

* office products

DCS global will complete site evaluations and a needs assessment to ensure you are buying exactly what you need in the right quantities. Common, and oftentimes neglected, facility supplies include:

i) Towel & Tissue & Dispensers

ii) Soap & Skin Care & Dispensers

iii) Cleaning Chemicals

(1) Disinfecting

(2) Deodorizing

(3) Degreasing

(4) Floor Care

(5) Dispensing & Proportioning systems

iv) Cleaning Tools

(1) Microfibers

(2) Mops, brooms, buckets, etc.

(3) Special tools, brushes, scrapers, extensions,

(4) Window & Glass Cleaning Tools

v) Cleaning Equipment

vi) Trash & Recycling

(1) Liners (clear)

(2) Containers; Trash, Recycling, Organics and Exterior Ash Receptacles

(3) Bins

(4) Carts

vii) Health & Safety

(1) WHMIS, Transportation & Storage of Dangerous Goods

(2) Signage

(3) Personal Protective Gear

(4) First Aid

(5) Pandemic Supplies; alcohol hand wash supplies

viii) Maintenance Supplies

(1) Tools, Fasteners, Spare parts, Partitions/Blockades,

(2) Shovels, Snow-Blowers, Rakes etc.

ix) Seasonal Supplies like Ice-Melt, Neutralizer, Heaters, Fans & Air Conditioners

x) Entrance Matting Systems

xi) Office Supplies

xii) Kitchen & Break-room Supplies

xiii) Furniture

xiv) Light Bulbs