Planning and Implementation of Daytime Cleaning

July 13, 2015

If your company is considering switching over to daytime cleaning, being prepared for the transition is crucial. Many companies fail to properly plan for day cleaning and consequently inhibit organizational productivity.

The planning and implementation phases are the most crucial steps in the Day Cleaning changeover. If a good plan isn’t in place, the change will probably be weak and customers are much more likely to complain.

At DCS Global, our third-party cleaning consulting services are designed to serve commercial office spaces, and we know that most companies need assistance with planning for a successful implementation of day cleaning services.

Initial Startup

On the first day of start up, we begin by setting up an information table and giving tenants coming into the building coffee and donuts. We also encourage tenants to talk to the Property Manager and Cleaning Company Management to become informed about the changeover.

This initial phase also gives tenants the opportunity to share ideas and concerns about your proposition to switch to day cleaning. Taking these suggestions into consideration will help you avoid any major issues when your new day cleaning provider enters the building for the first time.

Two Programs for Transition

Some companies have the resources and management capabilities to handle most of the transition process internally. These clients will find our simple, three-step transition service more than adequate. This process begins with an informational presentation to the building tenants, followed by our comprehensive on-site launch services. It ends training sessions to bring your cleaner up to speed with anything that might be unique to your building.

For clients that need a bit more assistance, our seven-step transition package may prove more appropriate. This package starts with a feasibility study to determine the best course of action before proceeding. We then help you consult with tenants and adjust your cleaning contracts accordingly. The fourth step involves communicating news of the transition to all stakeholders, which leads nicely into education and training of service providers. Step six is the tangible launch of your daylight cleaning services, and the final step in the process involves quarterly scorecard audits to make sure service remains at an optimal level. 

Your Transition Agent

DCS has changed over many buildings to day cleaning and we have the experience to manage the process of change effectively. We work with all three major stakeholders, the landlord, tenants, and the janitorial service contractor, to make the process a seamless transition. We also commit to managing your transition from start to finish.

If you’re resolute on making the transition to daytime cleaning services, you will certainly benefit from hiring a third-party consultant to help manage the changeover. If you want your transition to pass as smoothly as possible, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-225-9603 to discuss your cleaning needs today!