Day Cleaning – Measuring Success

July 20, 2015

If your company has recently decided to switch to a day cleaning service, you might already be seeing the tangible payoffs. However, some benefits of day cleaning services are a bit more difficult to measure with a visual once-over. That is, they are more qualitative than quantitative.

Although nearly every company that makes the transition to day cleaning is continuously satisfied with their decision, it’s important to find ways to measure the success of your changeover and identify areas of success and potential areas for improvement. At DCS Global, we provide specialized custodial consulting services, and one of our major focuses is to help you find tangible ways to measure the quality of your cleaning services.

Implementing day cleaning is an important step in your business’ evolution, but without standards in place to measure the quality of service you’re receiving, it’s difficult to know if you’re actually getting what you’re paying for or what was expected. Here are a few simple suggestions for measuring the efforts of your day cleaning service provider: 

Ask the People

Many feel the need to control or limit surveys issued to customers due to fears that they are intruding too much on customer’s time. However, we’ve actually found that most people are eager to fill out a 30-second survey and provide businesses with a quick synopsis of how they feel about their cleaning program. It is an excellent way to demonstrate that your company values the input of customers and potential consumers. Thus, customer surveys are a great way to measure success.

Combining the cleaning survey with other questionnaires regarding facility issues, or services such as HVAC, can actually dilute the survey and reduce its overall effectiveness. Most customers lose interest and have their attention drawn elsewhere if asked to do too much, which can lead to the accrual of ‘false’ synopses. Making business decisions based on information obtained from participants that weren’t answering honestly can prove to be crippling.

Customer complaints are also a great way of measuring the success or failure of a cleaning program. While it’s important to find out where customers feel your service is excelling, it is even more important to pinpoint areas of needed improvement.

DCS has found that in every single case of a day cleaning conversion that the company’s customer satisfaction rate increases. Additionally, the property or facility manager no longer has to deal with the hassle associated with managing and monitoring a nighttime cleaning force.

Have it Inspected

Quality assurance inspections should be completed throughout your facility before the change is made to day cleaning. Doing so will give you a realistic benchmark score to measure against future results. Understanding how operations have improved by referencing the starting point is key to grading the quality of your cleaning service as time goes on.

DCS recommends scheduling certified inspections on a fairly regular basis. This will give you an impartial, third-party opinion on the quality of your cleaning service. We can work with you to make these inspections easy and unobtrusive so that you can be sure your cleaning provider is following through on their initial commitments.

Regular evaluation is key to measuring the success of daytime cleaning services. If you’re looking for an experienced team of consultants to help you improve the cleanliness of your commercial space, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-225-9603 today!