Cost vs. Value – Understanding and Managing the Value Elements in Cleaning Services

June 22, 2015

When it comes to evaluating the costs versus the value of commercial cleaning services, it’s easy to look at the number highlighting your bottom line. However, it can be much more difficult to evaluate the ways in which cleaning services add value to your business.

At DCS Global, we strive to help our clients get the value they deserve when paying for commercial cleaning services. Keeping a clean commercial space will help you make a great first impression, but the benefits can go much further than that. There are several elements of a commercial cleaning service that are “value-added” for the property or facility managers.

Comprehensive Quality Inspection & Assurance Program

We provide certified quality and assurance inspections as a precursor to a request-for-proposals (RFP) project, as well as a stand-alone service to help you evaluate the cleanliness of your facility. Our consultants will perform a thorough walk-through using our CleanTelligent software to measure cleaning quality on a site specific basis.

As soon as the inspection is complete, the scores are sent directly to you electronically. This allows you to pinpoint the areas in which you may need improvement. Generally, scores are based on either the APPA or ISSA standard, depending on your preferences. 

Health & Safety Program Audit

Our Cleaning for Health program is a vital part of controlling disease outbreaks and reducing the spread of influenza in your commercial office. Our program uses ATP testing to make sure important cleaning points and transmission surfaces are receiving the proper amount of attention.

When, and if, readings fall below the required levels for adequate sanitization, we will retrain staff members and perform an evaluation of the tools and disinfectants in use. Perhaps most importantly, our health and safety program has been shown to reduce absenteeism, which ultimately leads to increased productivity. 

Documented Training Program

We also provide a number of successful training programs for both cleaning contractors and in-house services. Some of these training programs include daylight cleaning programs, sustainable cleaning practices, cleaning for health, customer service, quality control systems, quality improvement systems, and revised cleaning program SOP’s. 

Customer Service Program

Because day cleaners wind up being in the public eye, we also offer a program to train cleaning contractors on the delivery of quality customer service. In fact, our day cleaners have been shown to increase customer satisfaction by as much as 60%. 

Additional Services

At DCS Global, we also offer a number of additional services, including disaster restoration, pandemic planning, and strategies for achieving business continuity. While you might feel that keeping a clean office is just a small part of what you do, a clean working environment can provide your company with a solid foundation for success.

If you’re in need of a third-party cleaning consultant that can help you ensure the long-term cleanliness of your commercial space, please don’t hesitate to give the experienced team at DCS Global a call at 1-877-225-9603 today!