Cost vs. Value – How to expand or reduce your cleaning contract midterm – Office Max©

June 15, 2015

Are you feeling frustrated with the terms of your cleaning contract? Is your cleaning contract failing to provide the type of cleaning service your company needs? If so, you shouldn’t settle for this less-than-desirable cleaning contract.

At anytime during a contract cycle. amendments can be added to the contract to address a new situation, the addition or reduction of facility space, and any other changes that may arise. A signed cleaning contract is not set in stone, as you should reserve the right to opt out or alter the terms of the contract at any time, even if certain stipulations apply.

At DCS Global, we provide an independent, third-party consulting service to help you negotiate the terms of your cleaning contract. If you’re already working with us, you should be familiar with our program for altering your cleaning contract midterm.

Office Max©

Office Max© is DCS’s program for reducing workload in a facility while still maintaining the integrity of the cleaning program. For example, we can adjust the pickup locations for waste and recycling from being desk-side to centralized locations.

This will effectively reduce the amount of time your cleaners spend going to each desk and emptying garbage and recycle bins into one central receptacle. Small changes like this can ultimately make your cleaning service much more effective.

Reworking your Contract

Ideally, your cleaning contract should contain a “30-day clause” that, if written properly, allows the property or facility manager to give 30 days’ advance notice of alterations in your cleaning contract, with no specific reason required.

Our Office Max© system is designed to allow our clients an easy means of altering their commercial cleaning contracts in order to reduce the number of cleaning labour hours you’re responsible for. Reducing labour time and improving cleaning efficiency are two major ways to get the most out of your commercial cleaning contractor.

In the past, we’ve managed to reduce janitorial costs for our clients by as much as 10% without compromising the relationships between your commercial cleaning contractor and in-house staff or settling for sub-standard cleaning services. Our service also extends to clients that prefer evening cleaning, as well as day cleaning services.

By sitting down with you and taking time to understand your changing cleaning specifications, we can accurately rework your cleaning contract to reflect your fluctuating demands. We believe your cleaning contract shouldn’t stagnate as your needs adapt to your growing business.

At DCS Global, we also recognize the importance of establishing a competent system for oversight within your organization. That’s why we will work closely with your cleaning management team and facilitate the transition to your new cleaning contract.

If your current contract is falling short of expectations, you shouldn’t feel stuck in an undesirable situation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-877-225-9603 to see how we can help you alter your cleaning contract midterm today!