Working with DCS allowed us to work through the RFP and tendering process in a new way. DCS focused their energies on the process. They gathered more meaningful data than we would have on our own, analyze it and present it in an unbiased fashion. They acted as the liaison between us and the bidders – reduced the pressure. We would definitely use DCS again!

Patricia Buskas

Vice President & General Manager

DCS Global Enterprise helped us through the tender process, freeing up our team to be able to focus on their work. DCS excelled at the analysis of the tenders, providing us with the information we needed to make the final selection decision. When DCS runs the tender process for us, I know the process is in the hands of qualified professionals who are impartial, allowing for a fact based decisions. I would absolutely recommend DCS.

Peter Halkias

Vice President, Real Estate Management

Glenborough made the decision to convert to Daylight Cleaning in early 2009. We were the first multi-tenant, Class A office building in the San Francisco Bay Area to do this when we converted our corporate headquarter offices in San Mateo to Daylight Cleaning. We found DCS to have a vast knowledge of the cleaning industry as well as great tools and experience with the conversion process. We had no fears. We took a total Team approach. DCS provided staff training and they participated in “one-on-one” meetings with our larger tenants. Our biggest surprise on “roll out day” was no phone calls. We have improved the cleanliness of the building, increased our recycling and cut our energy costs with the implementation of Daylight Cleaning. DCS continues to provide us services with quarterly audits.

Leah Warren, RPA, LEED AP

Property Manager

DCS did a fantastic job for us. They handled the whole tender process, from putting together the proposal, to setting up meetings with vendors, to doing the analysis of the tenders. DCS took a load off my shoulders and freed up my time. I was handling the security contract, at the same time that DCS was looking after the janitorial contract, so they greatly helped reduce my level of stress.

Marjorie Farrier

Assistant Operations Manager

Our switch to Daylight Cleaning has been a tremendous team effort between DCS, our janitorial service provider, the tenants and our staff! Together we have reduced our janitorial service and electricity costs by 5% while improving tenant satisfaction and maintaining the high standards we expect from our service providers.

Alison Sansone, CPM® | General Manager

PM Realty Group

In property management, we often call in a consultant for their expertise. Using DCS Daylight Cleaning Systems created for us a new opportunity to develop a stronger janitorial program in our buildings. The increased quality of our janitorial services has been noticeable.

Don Fairgrieve-Park

Vice President, Operations

DCS, through their broad and diverse industry expertise, provided the necessary elements that in the end resulted in improved cleaning quality, measurement and practices. They were very open to looking at and presenting new concepts and provided unbiased tender analysis expressed in a straight forward manner.

Ian Yorston

Assistant General Manager

Our members have endorsed the DCS Daylight Cleaning Systems. In my experience the buildings are easier to operate, we are able to retain good staff and the tenants are happier. It’s win-win, all the way around.

Fred Edwards


Cleaning is one of those issues that we have to deal with and often it is in the area of complaints. Randy knows the problems, he knows the solutions and this allowed me to focus on my job and not spend time worrying about the cleaning. Working with DCS allowed me to bring in professionals for the RFP process and to introduce the whole new frontier of Day Cleaning to our tenants through a managed process. Working with the DCS Daylight Cleaning Systems allowed me to focus on my job!

Guy Priddle

General Manager

DCS has brought to Sears Canada, professional expertise and processes that have not only improved our bottom line, but we have also gained in the quality of services delivered and a reduction of Sears Management time associated with janitorial contracts throughout Canada.

Ron Lyford

Senior Manager, Facilities

As the property management professionals of Gulf Canada Square, a 1.2 million square foot AA commercial office building in downtown Calgary, we converted our largest contract from the traditional night cleaning method to the day light cleaning system. We did so in order to take advantage of the numerous benefits for our tenant’s, the environment and the cleaning company employees themselves. Just some of the many benefits we have experienced firsthand from day light cleaning are increased security, energy savings, improved cleanliness and socially responsible contracting. This approach to keeping buildings clean is revolutionizing the industry and is making a very positive impact on all concerned. If asked if we would convert the property again from night to day light cleaning, our answer would be absolutely YES!!

Noreen Music

Senior Property Manager

Trusted by the Industry

DCS has a strong client base from coast to coast in all types of facilities. We demonstrate our core competence of facility management consultative services in all types of facilities including, but not limited to: office buildings, industrial plants, health care facilities, camps, universities and multi use facilities.

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