Daylight Cleaning Services (DCS) Global Enterprise has promoted Green Cleaning since its inception. DCS has a significant portion of its Cleaning RFP dedicated to the standards and ratings of LEED-EB, EcoLogo and Green Seal, specifically used in cleaning facilities: the cleaning chemicals, consumables, energy efficiency, air quality, and equipment.

We require from the Vendors: (1) their Standard Operating Procedures; and (2) a summary of how their Green Cleaning Plan differs from the “traditional” cleaning processes.

The Green Cleaning Plan needs to address how the cleaning is completed and the methods taken to protect human health and the environment.

Equipment such as vacuum cleaners have their air quality and noise ratings set by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). The vendor must be able to demonstrate that their equipment exhaust filtration, controls for dispensing cleaning solutions, and noise levels are all within the acceptable ratings established.

The documentation and monitoring of equipment repairs are important in order to ensure that the equipment continues to operate at the levels established for optimum performance.

DCS implemented a dusting solution in facilities by mandating the use of microfiber dust wands as opposed to the yellow cloth and wooly wonder since they spread dust instead of capturing and removing it. This procedure reduces dust in the interior environment.

Day Cleaning was the main focus of DCS (Daylight Cleaning Systems) for years, starting in 2003, and we have converted over 40 million sq ft of commercial office buildings to date. There has been a resurgence in the commercial marketplace, and property managers are again seeking to convert buildings to Day Cleaning as their Companies become focused on sustainability.

Here are some reasons why Day Cleaning is a more sustainable practice than evening cleaning:

  • Socially responsible contracting: cleaners work full-time shifts during the day time and wages are typically higher (union markets are the same)
  • Energy savings are created by darkening the facility after-hours
  • Reduction in migratory bird kills from darkening windows in the facility
  • Cost savings gained from moving the cleaning to the daytime
  • Quality of cleaning is perceived to be better as tenants form relationships with the cleaners
  • Customer satisfaction tends to increase by over 60%