Request for Proposal Services

DCS is the premier provider of cleaning RFP’s in Canada. We have a structure and system that allows us to modify our RFP model to reflect the intricacies and uniqueness of your facility.

Our process:

  1. We provide a quotation for RFP services which is based on the square footage, number of facilities and the Scope of Work.
  2. We consult with the client and discover their needs through an RFP Needs Assessment.
  3. We then develop a Timeline for the Project and assign tasks to our Team through our Project Management software.
  4. A local DCS consultant (if applicable) is assigned the Project and they tour and audit the facility to attain a benchmark Quality rating for the facility.
  5. Documentation is received from the client on; contract dates, floor plans, stacking plans, building specific needs, tenant needs and intricacies.
  6. The RFP is built and edited by the DCS Team.
  7. The RFP documents are sent to the client for release to their selected contractors.
  8. DCS facilitates a Tour of the facility (s) for the contractors and then discusses the tour and RFP. document with the. A question and answer session follows.
  9. The Client and DCS receive the RFP responses by a set time and date.
  10. DCS’s assigned Consultant analyses the Technical Responses and creates a spreadsheet in which they grade each component of the Technical Response resulting in a “score” for each Contractor.
  11. DCS’s Business Manager takes the financial components of each response and places them in a spreadsheet so that comparisons can be made.
  12. DCS’s CEO takes the Technical & Financial Analysis spreadsheets and creates a Risk Analysis based on; the local contractor’s current organizational capabilities, wage rates, hours, history, customer service, references, etc.
  13. The Client, with the consulting expertise of DCS, selects a short list of contractors to interview.
  14. The Client decides which Cleaning Contractor to award the Project to and DCS contacts the selected vendor for discussions.
  15. The Contractor agrees to the terms and conditions of the client and they sign a contract.
  16. The client notifies the contractors who did not win, announcing who was awarded the contract.
  17. DCS then provides Start up coordination services and facilitates the start up for the Client.
  18. The Contractors Quality Assurance system is verified by DCS
  19. DCS walks the facility before the contract start up to document any facility deficiencies.
  20. DCS performs a post start up tour and quality check within 3 weeks of start up to confirm that the contractor has lived up to their agreement.

Note: This is a typical example of an RFP process, elements can be added or subtracted depending upon the clients needs.