Our OfficeMax© system improves efficiency, works with your existing contractor and will save you 4-14% on your cleaning expenses.

Cost pressures (in particular higher minimum wages) are putting pressure on cleaning contractors to charge more or cut back on staff, which impacts cleaning quality. As we speak to property and facility managers across the country, the number one question is – can I reduce or stabilize my cleaning costs without sacrificing quality? The answer is yes. The answer is the DCS OfficeMax© system.

We created OfficeMax© by looking at current cleaning practices and finding ways to make them more efficient, effective and flexible. While not much can be done to change the way common areas are cleaned, significant savings can be found in handling trash and cleaning workspaces and private offices.

Level 1: Centralized Trash Installation (4-7% savings)

Checking and emptying individual trash containers on a daily basis is time consuming and costs you a lot of money. We have worked with property managers and cleaning contractors to streamline the process:

  • We review your building(s), talk to your cleaning contractor and provide you with a feasibility study and estimated cost savings at no charge
  • We can help facilitate meetings with your tenant representatives to discuss the process, and identify concerns and special requirements. This includes how to handle high-needs tenants (e.g. law firms) and senior executives (who will want to keep their trash bin)
  • We design the container system (including the layout) and build the new process into your janitorial specifications
  • We can provide tenant transition materials from you (what is happening, how, why, where, when, who is affected)
  • We support the contractor transition, including training and a dry run
  • We conduct a post implementation audit and work with your contractor to remedy any deficiencies


    Level 2: Workstations/private offices cleaning 1 X Week (7-14% total savings with level 1)

    Most of the daily cleaning in your office space is light touch, cleaning the clean, overly repetitive and often simply not done. For example, vacuuming areas that don’t need daily vacuuming. We replace this with a daily walk-through to address problem areas (e.g. a coffee spill) and implement a thorough, high-quality weekly clean with Cleaning for Health features:

    • Steps 1 & 2 are the same as above. We provide a feasibility study and meet with you to identify special issues and custom tailor OfficeMax© for your needs
    • We work with your contract cleaner to ensure that OfficeMax meets your current cleaning specifications, including training (e.g. how do a walk-through to fix issues) and a dry run
    • We can provide tenant transition materials from you (what is happening, how, why, where, when, who is affected) and run a trade-show style information booth in your lobby
    • We conduct a post implementation audit and work with your contractor to remedy any deficiencies

    Some property managers and cleaning contractors are experimenting with their own versions of this process, with mixed success. DCS saves you time, energy and risk with a proven, tailor-made system for your space. We help you remind your tenants that you are working hard to provide a green, clean and safe building for them.

    Having an independent third-party work with your janitorial service contractor also helps ensure you get both the quality and cost savings:

    • Proven savings of 4-14% of bottom line cleaning costs
    • We identify special tenant needs and build them into the process
    • We can help with tenant communications materials, which will come directly from you
    • We can install OfficeMax© with your existing contractor or support an RFP
    • Surface sanitization ( ATP ) and testing is included, helping tenants reduce absenteeism



    We have consulted several top cleaning contractors and property managers for their input. DCS has proven the OfficeMax© concept in 5 buildings to-date and over 20 additional buildings are about to be transitioned to OfficeMax©.

    For proven savings and improved cleaning quality OfficeMax© is the answer, whether you manage one or one hundred buildings. With national scope and local expertise, DCS provides: Better Processes, Better Tools, Better Outcomes.