Since 2003, when we converted our first building to daylight cleaning, we have continued to refine our seven step transition process. As of mid-year 2012 DCS has converted 34 million ft.2 of office space on our system.

The benefits to you and your tenants of our branded program, ” DCS Daylight Cleaning Systems™ ” are many… Including:

  • Energy saving [3% to 8% of kilowatt hours]
  • Janitorial savings in most markets
  • Greater tenant satisfaction related to cleaning
  • Enhanced building security
  • Greener building operations [LEED point for innovation attainable]
  • Improved corporate and social responsibility operations

DCS acts as your day cleaning transition agent for all three major stakeholders, the landlord, the tenants and the janitorial contractor. We will project manage the program from start to finish.

We offer two programs of daylight cleaning services.

Complete seven transition package.

  • Feasibility Study
  • Tenant Consultation
  • Contract Adjustment
  • Transition Communications
  • Educate and Train Service Providers
  • Daylight Cleaning Launch
  • Quarterly Scorecard Audits

This program delivers a guaranteed smooth transition to day cleaning with a DCS project manager at the helm through the entire process.

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When you buy the complete seven step transition services you will save 25% off the individual prices.

Call or e-mail DCS for a quote today.

Daylight cleaning “a -la- carte”

Many building owners and managers have robust internal management and support resources. For these clients we offer a minimum three step transition service. The other four steps are optional.

The three required steps to ensure a branded daylight cleaning transition occurs are:

  • Tenant/building user presentations
  • DCS on-site launch services
  • Cleaner training