Current Custodial Contract Analysis and Contract Renegotiation
DCS will complete the following tasks to redesign the cleaning program in your company’s
building(s) and assist in the renegotiation of your custodial service provider /contractor
in your institution.

DCS ensures that all stakeholders recognize at the outset that this assessment and
analysis will be conducted in a confidential, respectful, and sensitive manner.

Services to include:

• Analysis of existing custodial program documents.
• Interview facility management to include but limited to:
➢ Facilities, equipment/chemicals
➢ Current cleaning schedules/service levels
➢ Operating procedures
➢ Existing janitorial contractor’s quality performance
➢ Record observations/key findings from interviews
• Interviews with the custodial service provider, management, and supervisors.
• Detailed facility tours to include all shifts / custodial operational hours.
• An overview of custodial labour hours and wage rate.
• A review and assessment of the custodial service providers management and supervision
processes to include but not limited to:
➢ Quality control program
➢ Staff training
➢ Major equipment utilization
➢ Communication policies/procedures
• Write updated performance based pandemic compliant custodial specifications and operating
conditions to be used in a new agreement.
• Build a proposed monthly custodial cost sheet to include all elements of cost and services as
• Make comparative analysis to other similar facilities in the educational marketplace to develop
an expected price range to execute updated service specifications and operating systems in
current market conditions.
• Best Practice Scan based on DCS intelligence and expertise.
• Research “Best in Class” organizations in the education marketplace with “Key Performance
Indicators” (KPI) to be used as a benchmarking tool.
• Using the above intelligence, develop KPI’s specific to your facilities custodial service.
• Gap Analysis – Based on best practices vs. existing operations.
• Write and present a report with recommendations to the client.