Every three years (or so) you are faced with the time consuming and stressful task of renewing your janitorial cleaning contract. Even if you are happy with your existing service provider there are many reasons to go out to bid

  • Pricing will need to be updated regardless and there may be opportunities to reduce cost
  • Technology, including chemicals and equipment, is ever-evolving
  • The janitorial service provider landscape is always changing
  • It is always good to benchmark and assess cleaning quality before an RFP

Commercial Cleaning Contract purchasing is the most critical responsibility a property/facility manager has for cleaning services. Let DCS project manage some or all of the process to help you make the best decision on awarding a new contract:

  • We will save you a considerable amount of time and stress
  • We provide a second set of expert eyes to ensure you don’t miss anything
  • We give you an objective outside opinion to help you make your decision
  • We know the industry, the players and current best practices
  • We add value to the process by helping identify areas for improvement and potential cost savings

DCS will build fit-for-purpose deliverables whether you are managing one building or one hundred buildings, including:

  • Detailed client RFP needs assessment and project schedule
  • Site tours to determine customized cleaning specifications
  • Cleaning definitions and standards with KPI’s
  • Request for Qualification [RFQ] process if desired
  • Write complete RFP document
  • Bidder site tours (outlining key requirements)
  • In-depth analysis, technical and financial risk assessment report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal
  • Pre and post-bid interviews with bidder contractors
  • Recommendations for commercial cleaning contractors to bid in your area
  • Assistance in negotiations

Property and facility managers recognize that in this competitive commercial cleaning space, the lowest cost bid isn’t necessarily the best bid for you and your tenants. DCS has unique risk assessment tools that evaluate whether the contractor can fully meet the RFP requirements at the quoted price.

In awarding the bid, DCS can help you with an Incentive-Based Performance contract to help ensure the contractor delivers the agreed-upon number of hours to meet your cleaning specifications. This includes an enhanced contractor pricing sheet, provision for overheads, a seven-step KPI matrix and post-start-up audits. In 2017 DCS completed RFP projects for over 22 million square feet and over 30 clients. Two of our 2018 RFP clients have over 100 buildings in their portfolio.

Using DCS in this process gives you a highly experienced team, with national scope and local expertise. We save you time and help you get it right. We can provide market intelligence and ensure you get the best quality and value for your cleaning dollar. DCS provides Better Processes, Better Tools, Better Outcomes.