The DCS CLEAN + SAFE© program helps take the guesswork and risk out of cleaning and sanitization for COVID-19. The CLEAN and SAFE © program provides a detailed set of specifications and standards to guide effective cleaning for health and safety during the pandemic. 

CLEAN + SAFE © provides a site-specific approach to cleaning and sanitizing your facility. We help reduce the risk of surface transmission, using industry best practices and cost-effective protocols.

Although surface transmission is not thought to be the primary means of contacting the virus, public health authorities including the CDC and Public Health Agency of Canada recommend increased cleaning and sanitization of common touchpoints in offices and schools. 

The CLEAN + SAFE © program can be customized for facilities, providing answers to the who, what, where, when and how of cleaning and sanitization. CLEAN + SAFE © has been designed to complement other pandemic programs like GBAC STAR™. 

The program has been tested in commercial office space and retail facilities and has just been introduced to the education market. The process uses a risk-based approach considering building occupancy, traffic patterns and high-risk populations. The CLEAN + SAFE © program includes:

  • A brief interview with facility management to understand the situation and cleaning issues. This includes an inventory and classification of room and surface types, current cleaning protocols/specifications, work loading, communications, and reporting.
  • COVID-19 protocols with cleaning instructions for use in an updated program service agreement. This includes performance-based tasks and procedures, visual and cleaning-for-health specifications/standards, with recommended generic chemicals and equipment.
  • Cleaning service transition support, ensuring service providers understand the requirements of the new cleaning program. 
  • Complete RFP services or current contract analysis, including an update of the current contract to include best practices for COVID-19 cleaning/sanitization and performance-based metrics to manage costs.
  • Contract commissioning to support a smooth transition service either with a new or existing vendor.

In addition, DCS provides a number of enhanced services including:

  • Communications support for stakeholders, to help build trust and comfort throughout the pandemic. DCS can support tenant/staff messaging on these extra steps to help keep your facility clean and safe.  
  • Follow-up auditing and inspection services, including numerical grading of visual cleaning effectiveness. DCS uses UV marking, ATP swab, and Pathfinder (visual) technology to test for organic and biomass contamination. Although not specific to the virus, these help verify the effectiveness of your cleaning-for-health program 

A complete CLEAN + SAFE © playbook will be emailed to clients within 5-15 working days of the initial interviews, depending on the number, size, and complexity of the facilities. DCS also has a generic set of CLEAN + SAFE© specifications which can be used by sophisticated clients to augment existing cleaning for health programs. 

DCS has been at the forefront of cleaning for pandemics, building on our SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) experience in 2003. In February, BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) Canada approached DCS to sponsor and update their 2020 pandemic handbook. DCS is also active on a number of industry panels, writing thought pieces and providing advice to property and facility managers on cleaning for COVID-19.