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One of the best ways to engage with your clients is to be where they are, and they’re on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, these particular platforms may come and go, but social media is here to stay. Humans are a social species at heart, and as we build our fences ever higher and engage with self-checkout machines ever more often, the internet is becoming our place to reconnect with family and friends we’re too busy to see regularly.

But social media isn’t just about saying high and catching up, it’s about reaching out to your friends for reviews, advice, and to find and give recommendations. A great experience with your business might just end with a captioned “selfie” receiving a couple dozen likes; a bad experience could end with a fiery rant. Either way, you need to be there to make it work for your business’s best interest. Not participating doesn’t prevent people from talking about your business; it just means you aren’t around to control and engage with what’s being said. A bad comment that is immediately remedied can create a customer for life, and everyone who sees that engagement is going to be impressed by the responsiveness of your team.

However, that’s not the only reason to be active on social media. Social sites are a unique tool that allow you to engage directly with customers searching for cleaning services in your area. Someone tweets asking for about residential cleaning in Calgary, and you’re there to engage. Another person posts a question about your commercial cleaning services to your facebook wall, and you can answer. In this way, social media can be even more powerful than search engine optimization.

We’ll help you by setting up all of your accounts and working with you to produce engaging and relevant information. Our promoted content is optimized to engage your audience and increase views. Facebook also allows businesses to create pay-per-click advertising that is then displayed to targeted clients who are likely to be interested in your cleaning services. These regular social networks combined with Google’s business pages, means having more internet real estate that customers can search for, find, and engage with.

Social media is a necessary tool that allows you to be where your clients are. It’s important to be able to defuse displeased customers, engage with happy ones, and answer questions. Our social team will post content and monitor your social feeds, so you can benefit from social but focus on your bottom line and what you do best.



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