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Companies across the world are trying to find a way to help their potential clients find their business online.  Many are joining in on social websites and trying to keep their blogs updated, but fewer business are fully utilizing online advertising. This is because we live in a culture of people who don’t admit they click ads. But when google — whose main source of revenue comes directly from selling advertisements — has a market cap of over $350 billion; it becomes abundantly clear that someone is clicking ads. Those someones are your potential customers, and there are three powerful tools for converting people into clients.

Adwords on the Google Search Network

If you aren’t familiar with Google Adwords, you’re missing out! These highly relevant ads appear when people search on the Google search engine. Along with the organic search results you’re familiar with, applicable adwords will be displayed above and to the side of the regular results. Adwords content often holds the top three positions on the first page of google, and because these ads look almost identical to the organic results, many people click them instead. With adwords, Google only charges you if someone clicks your ad, so you can trust that your advertisement is only being shown to individuals who are actually searching for cleaning in your area. When someone searches for a cleaner in your city and clicks through on your ad to land on engaging, relevant content, you’ve created a customer.

Display Advertisement on the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network or GDN is a huge web on the internet. One GDN site you’re probably familiar with is youtube, but there are millions of others. Like adwords, these websites display only relevant advertising that is likely to be clicked on. However, display advertising provides cleaning companies like yours the opportunity to create ads that include images, well written text, animated images, or even videos. A targeted, contextually relevant ad works. Add a great looking design, and your campaign will be unstoppable.

Remarketing Campaign

If you’ve ever shopped around the internet on Amazon or other sites, you may have noticed that some of the items you looked up started to follow you. You search for a new kettle, and for the next week all the advertisements you see are for the exact kettle you were looking at. That is a remarketing campaign at work, and you can make it work for you too. Remarketing is one of the best ways to hold on to a potential customer who wasn’t quite ready to commit the first time they visited your website. Everywhere they go on the web, your ad will be following them reminding them that you’re cleaning services are available at a click of a button.

Whether you choose adwords, display advertising, a remarketing campaign, or a combination of the three, we know that online marketing tools can help you find customers and improve your bottom line. Our team works with Google partners, so that we guarantee your online advertising will only be handled by people trained and certified through Google.



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