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DCS as a national cleaning consulting company has unique window into what building owners and managers value with janitorial company services. In fact as we score thousands of RFPs. we see where many cleaning companies miss the mark. DCS is very careful to work only on pure marketing assistance not work loading and pricing related subjects.

The marketing assistance DCS can provide will assist ownership and management of your janitorial company in its growth in revenue and position in its marketplace.

The typical scope of work below is a multifaceted, extensive list of tasks that should take the company through the first year of expansion. The scope of work can be customized as required.

DCS executives would undertake the following tasks with the client to assist in the success of its growth ambitions:

  1. Conduct initial interviews and ongoing meetings with owners and management
  2. Assess current marketing and sales capability internally
  3. Assess current operational systems and capabilities
  4. Assess current market position relative to competition in the target marketplace
  5. Work with company owners to develop realistic marketing strategies
  6. Write a basic marketing plan for the client
  7. Assess capability to deliver to the market on new key value elements
  8. Using market strategies, design sales strategies to be defined in proposal format and sales presentations
  9. Write a basic sales plan for the client
  10. Rewrite key elements of the companies proposal with new sales strategies
  11. Present the above material to client in draft form
  12. Deliver a presentation to the client to elicit feedback and buy-in to project details
  13. Fine tune plans, strategies, documents and tools
  14. Edit and produce final documents.
  15. Deliver final documents in hard and soft copy with a presentation to owners and management of the client
  16. Develop a sales PowerPoint for the client
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