In this program, the following services will be executed by DCS

  1. Interviews/follow-up with property managers and associated janitorial contractors (as required).
  2. Customization/review of the Clean+Safe© cleaning specifications with site specific requirements for all buildings (as required).
  3. Three required audits that will be completed from both a visual and hygiene perspective.
    The results and report will be shared with the property management team. ATP hygiene
    auditing tools will be utilized with the APPA standard for visual auditing and Hygiena manufacturers standards, customized by DCS for hygiene auditing.
  4. For this audit, the auditor will be accompanied by the janitorial contractor. It is important to note that DCS will also offer any required training on the DCS systems for
    the janitorial contractor. This is to ensure that full comprehension of the required
    adjustments to the cleaning program are understood by the janitorial contractor to
    ensure the improvement of cleaning results.
  5. Common area audits will include a minimum of 20% of the elevator lobby floors
    common areas and the remaining common areas. The buildings’ common area is only to
    be audited in areas which represent the highest risk of disease transmission.
  6. Once the 3 audits are completed and a minimum standard is achieved [ Level 2 APPA
    score as per minimum LEED requirements and hygiene auditing average scores
    (Average of 200 PPM biomass reading or less) = CLEAN ] the customized Clean + Safe©
    decals can be placed in the buildings.
  7. DCS will issue a letter of certification that would be valid for 2 years for the buildings
    (please note that bi-annual audits must be completed for continued validity)