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Quality Assurance is the cornerstone of every Building Service Contractor’s services. Making sure that the work was completed properly, grading it and reporting on it may seem like a straight forward exercise but some companies just don’t get it. DCS is here to make sure that the facility is accessed properly and that the contact receives the scoring.

Quality Assurance is more….than reporting on the work that was completed, typically a good QA system allows the user to setup a building by area and then you can select an area to inspect.

The inspection process is called Quality Control and is just that, rating an area on its cleaning. There are several different rating scales; APPA (1-5) ISSA (100%, 80%, 60%, etc) and acceptable and unacceptable. Whichever system is used, the key elements are consistency in scoring and validating the score with photos, and determining trends.

After the Inspection Process, data ought to be correlated and examined to determine trends. Trends then need to be addressed, to eliminate the concern and so that the reporting numbers on it drops. This process of Continual Improvement is one of the most important steps in the Quality Assurance Program.

The Supervisor ought to go over the Inspection report with the cleaner so that;
They are aware of how they scored as bonuses are sometimes connected to inspection scores

They can correct the items that were not up to par

They can be shown that someone is watching and caring about the work that they do

The Customer needs to know how their building is doing and Inspection scores provides data to help them determine how they are doing.

Quality Assurance Process

An example of a trend could be that the fronts of kitchen cupboards are not being spot cleaned. The Solution would be to make sure that the staff have the right tools and training to complete the task.

After the staff have been retrained, (and of course it didn’t happen unless it was DOCUMENTED!) further inspections will identify if the trend reduced in scope and if the retraining was successful or not.

There are many ways of completing a Quality Inspection including:

  • Walking about and taking notes
  • Using an Inspection form that is building specific
  • Using a Proprietary Quality Assurance Software package
  • Using a Purchased Quality Assurance Software package such as Cleantelligent

The Quality Assurance software packages have several advantages including:

  • Using a Smart Phone or Tablet to complete the Inspection
  • The ability to email the inspection immediately upon completion
  • The ability to build inspection areas and tasks in advance and have them building specific
  • Various reports are generated through the software for a simple analysis
  • Typically the software does more than just do inspections

When DCS evaluates Responses to RFP’s, Quality Assurance is one of the 10 areas that we grade. It is worth 10% of the total mark and the mark is determined assessing 10 points including the Quality Assurance Corporate Policy and a Corporate Procedure for Continuous Improvement.

ISO 9001:2008 is the current Standard for Quality Management with the International Standards Organization.



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