Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is an important reputational tool. LEED tells your tenants and potential tenants that you care about sustainability – and more importantly – that you are doing something about it. DCS completes custodial effectiveness APPA audits for LEED Certification, professionally, quickly and cost- effectively.

Our trained professionals help ensure that your inspection will be conducted in a respectful and sensitive manner so as not to disturb tenants. We complete your assesment based on the APPA 1-5 standards:

  • Level 1 – orderly spotlessness
  • Level 2 – ordinary tidiness
  • Level 3 – casual inattention
  • Level 4 – moderate dinginess
  • Level 5 – unkempt neglect

DCS will complete the initial on-site inspection 2-3 weeks from the date of receiving the purchase order. Once the inspection is complete we will prepare and present a report including:

  • The methodology used to conduct the audit
  • A breakdown of the audit areas as per APPA space category definitions, with the score allocated to each space
  • Opportunities for improving your cleaning practices

Our reports include: building specific project description, project detailed area summary, APPA audit summary with specific inspection data and recommendations for improvement.

Whether for in-house or contracted janitorial services our APPA audit service will meet your needs. Our third- party APPA audit process exceeds the LEED requirements by inspecting 5% more space than required and is cost-effective. Over the past 5 years DCS has completed APPA LEED audits for hundreds of satisfied clients, large and small. With national scope and local expertise, DCS provides: Better Processes, Better Tools, Better Outcomes.
Click to download: APPA – Custodial Staffing Guidelines for Educational Facilities
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