National Scope with Local Focus

DCS services a strong clientele base from coast to coast in all types of facilities. Whether it is office buildings, industrial plants, health care facilities, schools or universities or retail properties, all are within the scope of our core competence of custodial consultative services. We bring our national scope to work with you in your local marketplace. The key focus of DCS has been to create working partnerships between Building Owners and Managers and their Cleaning Service Providers which develop and work well over the long term.

Industry Expertise:

  • Cleaning is one of the largest items in your budget and it has the ability to create a large impact on your company’s operations.
  • At DCS we focus on helping you stay ahead of the curve in; systems, equipment, chemicals, and processes that will solve your janitorial challenges.
  • Our team of highly skilled consultants are continuously updating our clients with the latest in industry best practices. We have extensive knowledge of the cleaning industry, including large cleaning contractors, their performance and issues to ensure our clients receive credible and reliable advice.

Our only business is custodial consultative services.

Third-party Protection:

  • DCS sits as a third-party consultant. Maintaining this position ensures that we have no alliance with any janitorial contractor, equipment/ chemical supplier or building owner and manager.
  • Our processes provide a level of impartiality for all at key junctures in the contract cycle.
    As the leading national custodial consulting group, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to provide the following value to our clients including:
  • State of the art technology, systems, procedures and processes for the custodial industry.
  • Cleaning industry “insider” knowledge and advice at the most critical time in the custodial contracting cycle.
  • Third-party verification, impartiality and insulation, with a clear transparent process.
  • An unparalleled value/risk analysis of proposals resulting in lasting, workable agreements and relationships.
  • Performance-based contracts that allow you to monitor results, not process.


DCS History

DCS Start Date: DCS Global Enterprise Canada was formed in August of 1998.

Purpose of Establishment

Randy Burke, the CEO of DCS, established the company after discovering that many property and facility managers were unable to access true quality needed from the market without external assistance. In particular, large office towers and retail centers were—despite making cleaning specification changes—consistently receiving the same generic proposal and prices which prevented them from increasing their value and being innovative. The first large RFP project initiated by DCS was 6 million ft.² of AAA office space in Western Canada. As expected and in accordance with the DCS mission, the contractor involved continues to service the AAA office space to this day.

Evolution of DCS Scopes of Work

Since its formation, DCS has expanded its work from traditional request for proposal processes [RFP] to include the following customer-oriented services, and more:

Security Services RFPs
Surface Sanitization Testing and Cleaning for Health consulting
LEED Custodial Effectiveness Audits [APPA]
Assisting janitorial companies that wish to sell or buy other companies
Cost reduction programs
Facility Management Consulting services
DCS Multi-national Scope

DCS continues to work across Canada and the United States.

DCS Impact on Client Operations

DCS improves the overall effectiveness and quality of cleaning services while simultaneously securing the best value for its clients. The DCS team strives to provide effective solutions for client objectives, whether it is to reduce costs, reduce environmental impact, or raise quality standards and results.

Partners we work with:
CAYK Marketing Inc.
BOMA, IFMA, CCCA, ISSA, LEED, BOMA BEST, etc. The DCS motto is ‘conduits of trust’. We feel that DCS has truly earned this reputation with both the contract cleaning companies and facility owners and manager’s community. Click DCS-White-Paper for a white paper about us.

Level 2: Workstations/private offices cleaning 1 X Week (7-14% total savings with level 1)

Most of the daily cleaning in your office space is light touch, cleaning the clean, overly repetitive and often simply not done. For example, vacuuming areas that don’t need daily vacuuming. We replace this with a daily walk-through to address problem areas (e.g. a coffee spill) and implement a thorough, high-quality weekly clean with Cleaning for Health features:

  • Steps 1 & 2 are the same as above. We provide a feasibility study and meet with you to identify special issues and custom tailor OfficeMax© for your needs