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You have worked long and hard with your company and deserve a fair price when you sell. DCS’s only business is janitorial consulting and we can provide valuable assistance to you in this important task. Our national contacts with owners and senior executives in the industry is second to none in Canada.

Sale of a company can be a somewhat long and drawn out procedure and we will reduce any stress and transition time.

The technical scope of work is as follows:

  1. Interview you and gather information on your company.
  2. Assist the owner in pricing the company.
  3. Prepare and produce [soft copy] a basic information package on the company for prospective buyers. This information package would not disclose company name or clients.
  4. Present the business opportunity to preferred potential buyers known to DCS executives.
  5. Advertise the business opportunity through the internet and select publications. Expenses billed at cost
  6. Once potential buyers have expressed serious interest in purchasing the company, have them sign a non-disclosure agreement before more information is disclosed.
  7. Work with you to compile company information for potential buyers for the second stage of disclosure.
  8. DCS will then facilitate meetings, which will allow the potential purchaser to complete due diligence on your company.
  9. Negotiate with the buyer(s) on behalf of you to get the best price and terms possible.
  10. Facilitate the details of the sale with a legal representative [paid by your company]
  11. Remain active in the process of the sale as needed, providing communication and negotiation services as needed.
  12. Once final documents have been signed this project would be completed.



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