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DCS ownership and consultants are virtually all past senior executives or owners of janitorial contracting companies. As such, with our unique vantage point in the marketplace we are able to provide unparalleled advice and services to you and your company. DCS has a lot of experience in assisting janitorial companies in overall marketing development with strategy materials and tools. Our services cover both internal and online presence. For obvious reasons DCS will not work on any active bids, work loading or pricing information.

Whether you are developing your market presence or selling your company DCS has a service for you.

Services to Building Service Contractors: DCS provides services to contract cleaning companies to improve their marketability. The following are areas where DCS uses their expertise or has a sister company to provide the expertise:

  1. Marketing Development for your local market is extremely important, DCS will work with your company to focus your energies on the Marketing areas that need improvement. Brochures, website content, graphic design, proposals, logos, they all have an effect on your image in the local marketplace.
  1. Website Development & Optimization: DCS believes that having a good website is worth its weight in salespeople. The use of the internet to discover service providers is the number one way that people discover new cleaning companies. Don’t get left behind by having an outdated website.
  1. DISC Training helps you determine how your Team works together and where they would have conflict. The DISC Trainer will show you how your Team relates to each other and how they can improve their compatibility.
  1. Company Sales and Valuations, when the owner is looking to sell, is important and who better to evaluate and promote your company then DCS. With our 25 year history in the marketplace, we have the knowledge of what your company is worth and the contacts to sell it faster.
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