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  • DCS is supporting the CanClean Trade show in Mississauga on April 27 & 28
  • Randy Burke is a Board Chair person and past President of the CCCA (Canadian Cleaning contractors Association) a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and professionalizing the cleaning industry. The CCCA has recently launched a Best Practices Hand Book and is marketing it to Facility Managers, Building Owners and Contract Cleaners
  • DCS is transitioning 2 office Towers in Edmonton to Day CleaningDCS is building an RFP for a million sq. ft. of laboratory space in Toronto
  • DCS is doing ATP testing of a million sq. ft. office building in Calgary
  • DCS is completing a Security Analysis and RFP for a 465,000 sq. ft. building in Calgary
  • DCS has relaunched our OfficeMax© program as governments have been seeking to reduce costs in cleaning
  • DCS is doing a LEED Audit for a customer in Winnipeg
  • DCS is brokering a small janitorial company in Calgary. Contact us for more information
  • Randy is a speaker at the CanClean show in April his presentation is entitled “How to Sell Through and Work with Cleaning Consultants”
  • DCS just completed a payroll audit at a million sq. ft. office tower in Calgary
  • DCS completed over 8 million sq. ft. of certified inspections in the last month


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